Tuesday, April 3, 2012

kauaa biryani


I Thought Of Giving Up And I Sometimes Wonder Whether My Partner Is More Keep Than I Am On Continuing Treatment Not That He Is Unaware That Is Is More Unpleasant For Me Than For Him. But I Get The Impression That Having A Child Is More Important To Him Than To Me. Watching Him With Friend’s Children, He Gets So Much Out Of Them.

               Pre Treatment Counseling


               Counseling Is Yet Another Invasion Of Privacy To Some, While Others Find It A Great Help. Pre Treatment Counseling Cab Be You Gp. It Cab Help Anticipate And Resolve Difficulties Before They Cause Real Harm, Or The Couple Are So Committed That They Feel There Is Not Turning Back. It Can Also Help Resolve Grief From Previous Pregnancy Loss The Failure Of Alternative Forms Of Treatment Or Relationship Difficulties. Says Hilary Ever Act Of Her Work As An Infertility Counselor. The Best Relationships Have Been With People Who Are Just Starting Investigations, And Then I Might See Them Through The Whole Process. One Of The Hard Things To Accept Is That Easing The Stress Will Not Improve The Chances Of Success. There Is Some Evidence That Stress Can Affect The Quality Of The Sperm Sample, Which May Account For Differences Between Quality Of Sperm In Pretreatment Testing And On The Day Of Egg Collection. But Despite Various Anecdotes And Much Optimism About The Power Of Positive Thinking, There Has Not Been A Proven Link Between Lack Of Stress And Success. Dealing With Stress Has To Do With Maintaining A Decent Quality Of Life.

                           Indeed, There Is Little Evidence That Women Can Do Much To Improve Their Chance Of Having A Baby Through Ivf, Other Than To Stop Smoking. Dr Alison Murdoch Director Of The Center For Reproductive. Medicine At The Royal Victoria Infirmary In Newcastle Gives This Advice On The Issue Of The Patient’s Management Of Treatment And The Stress Involved Women Cannot Get Rid Of The Stress Completely. We Try To Help By Providing A Friendly And Open Environment. We Encourage People To Make Several Visits To The Unit Before They Come For Treatment So That They Know Where To Park And Where The Unit Is Inside The Hospital. We Advise Them To Keep To Their Normal Routine. And Say They Should Take It Easy Between The Egg Collection And Embryo Transfer. There Is No Medical Evidence That This Will Help Or Otherwise. But Women Invest A Lot Physically And Emotionally In The Treatment, And They Want To Give It Every Chance Of Working. They Do Not Need To Blame Themselves Afterwards If It Does Not Work.


               Resolving Infertility

               Finally, Despite The Physical, Emotional And Financial Cost Many Women Find It Is Still Worth Undertaking Assisted Conception, Even If They Do Not Have A Child. Infertility Can Be Major Life Erisis, Which Treatment Cab Help To Resolve. To Some People It Might Seem Like An Extreme Step To Take When The Solution Might Lie In Acceptance Rather Than Cure. But Having Gone To The Limits Of Medical Science And Their Own Endurance, Some Women Feel They Can Become Reconciled To The Fact That They Will Not Have Children, Set Aside Their Desire For A Family Or Decide To Pursue A Different Kind Of Life. The Account That Following Is How, Despite Its Lack Of Success. Ivf Treatment Helped One Woman To Find A Resolution To Her Childlessness.

   It Was 1986 When I Had The First Embryo Transfer. It Was On The Same Day My Father Died, Which Was A Bit Traumatic, To Say The Least So I Always Remember It. I Came Back From The Hospital And My Brother Came In And Said That My Father Was Dead.

                           I Always Felt Quite Optimistic, Because Each Time They Got Ten Eggs Or More, And They All Fertilized And From Each They Would Pick The Best Three Embryos And Put Them Back. They Kept The Rest For Tests And Then Destroyed Them In Those Days They Did Not Have The Facilities For Embryo Freezing. The Embryo Transfers Always Went Well Too, Although I Hated That More Than More Than When They Took The Eggs Out. I Did Not Mind Going Back For Treatment. The Doctors Never Said Stop. They Used To Say It Was Not As If They Were Not Collecting Enough Eggs. As Long As Your Ovaries Are Ok And You Are Providing Healthy Embryos There Is Not Reason Why You Should Stop. But I Thought About My Own Quality Of Life, Because You Must Do Something To Your Body. I Didn’t Want To End Up With Some Awful Side Effects When I Was 50.